6 Stunning Boho Elements for Your Room Corner

6 Stunning Boho Elements for Your Room Corner

Do you want a bohemian home decor but you have no idea how to create it? Whether you like bohemian style or just want to add touch of style and bring in a little more nature into your home, there are plenty of DIY projects, accessories, and room decor ideas that can help you add boho flair. We are sharing with you today our bohemian decor essentials that we personally use in our home. You can add these items to your boho dream house and turn it into reality!

Now that you are looking to create a boho home decor, you have to know the basics and essentials that are considered as must in this kind of design.


Who doesn’t want that relaxing island vibe in their home? Boho-lovers are all about experimenting with different styles and here we are to make sure you don’t fall short on the rattan trend. Its natural theme gives the look of something simple, earthen and original and is an excellent choice for a place that is too minimalist to be able to create added interest there.

And we all know how boho means about adding unusual, interesting, offbeat elements into a home, so rattan and rugs, in short, will give you a chance to try some new accents into your home design and add extra comfort and appeal to it.                 

Boho home decor designs usually feature Persian carpets, Moroccan rugs, and tribal rugs. If you’re looking for an easy way to add boho touches to your decor, nothing beats a boho rug.


The colors that come with them are quite striking, they can be used in any room who needs some fancy or extra patterns to spice it up. Boho rugs will bring a  feeling of warmth to any interior design space. It is important to choose the right colors, materials and size for these lovely rugs.


Boho wish offers macramé wall hanging products in hand woven styles. This macramé wall hanging is perfect for any home to add a touch of bohemian chic!

It's unique, handmade, hand-knotted and all-natural materials makes it truly one of a kind. There's something so boho chic about macramé wall hangings that is perfect for warmer weather because you can brighten up your house with a whole bunch of natural light.


Add a touch of the exotic to your home décor with this Boho wish woven basket, featuring seagrass woven in a simple yet unique braid. Set beside your bed, in your family room, or as a fun way to add some character to your corner in living space!

Use it as an accent piece or plant basket for a corner, or on your nightstand to tuck away anything from books to earbuds. And with its woven texture and natural color options, the Boho Woven Basket is an easy and natural fit into just about any design aesthetic.

Its handwoven circular base is supported by reed stalks colored in rich, earthy tones, making it the perfect addition to a beach or boho-themed décor.


Throughout history, indoor plants have been linked to health and wellbeing. Today, these beautiful houseplants and succulents are easy to maintain in your home or workplace - just place them in the potting mix supplied, water regularly and enjoy. Let them fill your space with fresh greenery as they help purify the air around you.

These boho essentials will bring life to any room and pair well with other decor. From striking succulents to vibrant cacti and tropical air plants, the best thing about these houseplants is they require very little care and only need bright indirect sunlight to thrive.


With their rich, natural tones and streaming bends, pampas are the best decision for adding a novel touch to any space - regardless of whether that space is enormous or little! Its different grass mixes will supplement most decorations and make an exquisite, basic, and striking mix. The leaves of the pampas grass are delicate and cushy. They spread wellbeing and prosperity.


Pampas are a kind of decorative grass that transforms your home into a rich desert garden in a matter of seconds. They're not only lovely to see, they improve air quality, keeps out vermin and messes with, and will change your home hugely. In case you're worried about manageability, eco-accommodating living, or in any event, lessening your carbon impression, pampas grass is ideal for you.


The most affordable boho décor take for plain walls are woven baskets. brings natural texture and interesting pattern to your space. Simply group similar objects together to create one large art statement or hang single pieces, this woven basket wall décor is perfect for your home.

To pin this decorating trend, look for baskets with exciting woven or colour-blocked pattern. Combine it with low-cost thrift store or flea market finds, or include unused baskets you already have lying around the house. Choose variety of sizes and textures (seagrass, rattan, rope) to give the illuminating display.

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