How to Decorate with Pampas Grass?

How to Decorate with Pampas Grass?

If you haven't seen pampas anywhere, then you haven't checked social media lately. You may have noticed that almost everywhere you look on social media, there are photos with/of pampas. This might have made you think about having it in your decoration -- and that's a great idea!

But before you go and buy these beautiful fur babies, you should know how to use them first and which places are best for pampas placement. We have designed this guide to give you the information you need to make sure your house is both stylish and functional. 

Lezzzzzz Gooo!

In the bedroom: If you have a large bedroom with a lot of space and a high ceiling, hanging a few pampas grass bundles from the ceiling could look absolutely beautiful.

In the corners: For all of you who are looking for something to put in your living room corner to create a stunning look, don’t think twice just get some large and fluffy pampas grass. As you can also see from the picture above, pampas in the corner works beautifully as it creates a texture while adding height at the same time. 

Behind sofa back: If there is enough wall space, then placing them behind your sofa is also another great idea. Simple yet very elegant.

Bedroom Corner Decoration: If you are looking for an aesthetic bedroom corner decoration, then this might be perfect for you. Place your pampas next to your bed or bedside table to create a unique decoration.

On the console table: Leaning pampas against your console table is another way to display it if you don't want to use a vase.

With dried flowers: If you want something unique, then why not place them together with other dried flowers such as sunflower, palm leaves and bunny tails.

Natural Pampas background: If you are looking for some cool pictures to take but don't have anything to take a picture with, don't worry! Nowadays, everyone wants to have their photos taken with natural backgrounds and you can be ready anytime by placing your pampas as a background.

On Side tables : I love this look because it's simple and chic. Just simply put your pampas in your vase or glass jar and place it on your side table to create an elegant look.

You don't always need to spend hours decorating your home, small touches like adding pampas grass in your decor can make such a difference.

Hoping that this blog post gave you some insight on how to use pampas grass and how versatile it can be ;)


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